Hello everyone this is sizzling and top notch Delhi Escorts Geeta Grewal. I am working as best delhi call girl for the Delhi Escorts Services. I provide my service in different states different countries and different people at the best rates. We are living our life as human. Humans means a living soul who has lots of wishes, lots of desires, lots of dreams, lots of relations etc. Some people achieve their goal fulfill their wishes, dreams, and desires. Why and how they do it? They are also human they have also a bysy schedule they have also many responsibilities. Even than they do it. Because they have a real dream real wishes or desire. And they really want to complete that and enjoy that.

I have also two most important desire the first one is I want to go deep ocean and second one is that I want to go for sky diving. When I was a little quite girl then I had seen a deep ocean picture somewhere. It was marvelous since than to now it was my first desire that one day I will to go Deep Ocean. I will see the real world under water. I will feel the amazing moment there. Blue color is my favourite color. I like all the shades of blue sky blue. Royal blue, navy blue etc. The best thing is that deep ocean’s color is also blue. There are the lots of creatures who live in the Deep ocean. Under water or Deep ocean is a really a different but amazing world. There are many different creatures in deep ocean like dragonfish, frilled shark, vampire squid, big red jellyfish, giant squid, blobfish, giant isopod, chimaera, amphipod, dumbo octopus etc. I want to see them in reality. I have taken the training for swimming that how to swim? Because I want to really live my desire.

As I told that my second desire is sky diving. So yes this is my second desire. I want to go for sky diving I want to feel that feeling when I will be in air. I will be among the sky and earth. Actually I have acrophobia. Acrophobia is an extreme fear or phobia of height. I want to overcome from my this phobia. So I have decided that once day I will go for sky diving. I have gotten  some information about sky diving like where is top 5 places in India for sky diving Mysore ( Karnataka),  Dhana (Madhya Pradesh), Ambey Velley (Maharashtra),  Deesa (Gujarat) , Pondicherry. And the best 5 places for skydiving in world are  Switzerland, Hawaii, Namibia, New Zealand, Nepal.

I have many more information about under water and skydiving because both are my real desire and I am so glad to inform all of you that in next year I am going to complete my both wishes. I will feel and capture all those moments. I will get a new and best refreshment from there. And then I’ll come back to my profession that is Delhi Call Girls. If you have also any desire so try to complete it So that when you will leave this eart you will not have regret that you didn’t complete your desire.

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