Delhi EscortsI am Geeta grewal posting my experience. I really want to share this experience with you because it is really special. Read on, you will love it.

Hello friends, my name is Geeta Grewal, working in Delhi Escorts services. I have lot of things to tell you guys. Actually, I and my friends who are  Independent Delhi Escorts made a plan to go out. After hectic schedule we finally got some time for meeting up. So we booked table for lavishing lunch together at luxurious restaurant. We also organized a small kitty party. We ordered lots of food and drinks. Playing cards and gossiping, one of my friend started telling about her experience with client. she started, “The day started with a bang, hit the shower and freshen up my mind ready to meet with new client. Wearing my brand new clothes to get bang my day. I reached at hotel on the time without any problem. Address was very far, had some inconvenient but that’s alright. Client was very high profile and handsome also. A good looking, tall and brawny man was standing in the hotel lobby waiting for me. I greet him. We went to the room. He holded my hands and made me comfortable on the couch. But he sat on the floor resting his hands on my knees, ready to lose into deep thoughts. I asked,” what happened”? He reverts,” nothing, just thinking what I am going to do and what I am doing here”. I said,” You called me here for your entertainment and pleasure, why are you thinking all these stuff”. He said, “Just thinking why I am here, I don’t want to have any pleasure.” I said, “What is the problem sir? You can share your problem with me.” He took deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. It was like he is going through very tough time. I leaned down towards him and asked him what happened ? with a heavy voice he started with his story. “I was working in multi-national company and there was a girl. She was very beautiful at the same time intelligent also. I fell for her. her eyes were deep as ocean and he lips were soft as roses. Whenever she looks at me I use to avoid any eye contact. But one day after gathering my courage, I asked her out. We bonded really well after that date. We love each other very much and we get married. Today I am here just to make her feel jealous after last night fight. And I really want to do anything with you”.  I had never seen such a gentlemen in my life. He was different and unique. I felt little jealous from his wife, but that’s alright. I said”, okay sir, you are such a gentlemen. I wish I could get someone like you.” After completing my sentence my lips were seized. And tears stared shredding out from my eye.  He consoled me and we had very classy lunch together. After that he dropped me at my place”.  wow such an gentlemen. I wish I could get someone like him. This is my Delhi Call Girls  friend’s experience.

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